1.5 Technical knowledge
Basic knowledge in Microsoft Dynamics Navision 5.0 (Nav)
Professional developer in Borland Delphi, Microsoft Visual Basic  and Borland Paradox for Windows. Some knowledge in Microsoft  Visual Studio .net 2008.
Experience in Embedded Visual Basic for hanheld devices.
Basic knowledge in Visual C++.
Has designed information systems using web servers, however no  extensive programming experience on the server side.
Works with GIS programming components Geosoft Map Tools,  Graticule MapServer, MapGPS and MapProject. Some  knowledge of developing applications with Microsoft MapPoint.  Basic knowledge in programming MapInfo and ESRI MapObjects  as well as ESRI ArcGIS 8.X. Some experience in customising  ESRI ArcPAD. Experience in programming with Graticule  MapACE GIS for handheld computers. Sofware developer  knowledge regarding GPS as well as wireless communications  (GPRS, UMTS, Orbcomm satellite comm….)
Developed software embedding DPS RouteLogiX Professional for  transportation simulation and planning.
Speech/voice control and speech synthesis technologies used as  components in development work.
Knows many end-user applications.
Experience with Microsoft Access, SQL Server and Oracle 9.
Experience in GIS systems: Atlas GIS, MapInfo, TYDAC  SPANS, ArcView, ArcGIS 8.2, Rootspro, Manifold, and more.