1.1 Professional experience University
Project on innovation and ERP for SMEs, case study. Funded by EU.
Project addressing regional growth analysis for the region of Western Mälardalen (Arboga, Hallstahammar, Kungsör, Köping and Surahammar). The project is commissioned by the Western Mälardalen Collaboration, an economic association. The project is performed in collaboration with Arena for growth and the Sixth AP Fund.
New cooperation with AMRITA University (five campuses), India, in the areas of ERP, Management and Leadership. Primary contact Dr. Sanjay Banerji, founder and Dean of School of Business. Dr. Sanjay Banerji visited MdH April 2009. M Le Duc visiting faculty at Amrita School of Business, Ettimadai, Coimbatore campus, Tamil Nadu, July 2009.
Mälardalen University, Västerås. Course coordinator and faculty for course EFO249 “Introduction to Management and Research Methods” 15 högskolepoäng, Fall 2008. Approx. 200 international master students mostly for the three MIMA programmes “IT Management”, “International Marketing” and “International Business and Entrepreneurship”. 50 groups and four different classes managed.
Mälardalen University, Västerås. Research project on e-learning for refrigeration sector and similar areas funded by the Swedish Energy Agency. Interviews, prototyping and evaluation. Continuation project. Project manager and participant. 
Mälardalen University, Västerås. Research project on e-learning for emergency management. Funded by Swedish Emergency Management Agency. In cooperation with Swedish Land Survey. Continuation project. Project manager and participant.
Mälardalen University, Västerås. Responsible for implementing ERP in various business courses at MdH, including CRM, SCM, BI, etc. Cooperation with Microsoft Business Solutions and others.
Mälardalen University, Västerås. Programme manager Mälardalen International Master Academy (MIMA) Master programmed IT management ( http://www.mdh.se/utbildning/program/2009_2010/hst/20092-43951 ).
During 2007/2008 the programme comprised approx. 20 students
During 2008/2009 the programme comprised approx. 30 students
For the 2009/2010 programme we have 166 applicants “Prio 1” and in total 762 applicants
KTH/Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm. Implementation study on emergency management with focus on GIS funded by Swedish Emergency Management Agency and in cooperation with the Swedish Land Survey. Other research and teaching also. Project manager and participant.
Linköping University/Mälardalen University. Study on E-learning for refrigeration sector and similar areas funded by the Swedish Energy Agency. Interviews, prototyping and evaluation. Project manager and participant.
Linköping University. Swedish Emergency Management Agency (SEMA; http://www.krisberedskapsmyndigheten.se/) funded project, ”IT integration in Local and Regional Emergency management – GIS as a core information System”. Project participant.
Linköping University. Project funded by Swedish Defence Material Administration (FMV; http://www.fmv.se/). Mixed Reality for logistics, e.g., rapairing a tank in the field. Usability, technology and functionality. Cooperation with FOI. Project participant.
Linköping University. Participates in the European GMOSS (Global Monitoring for Stability and Security) network of excellence (NoE).. http://gmoss.jrc.it/web/guest/home . Project participant.
Linköping University. Received grant from VINNOVA as part of a consortium to develop a software system to model waste flows and recycling by combining Geographical Information Systems (GIS), XML and the simulation system ORWARE. Major waste and recycling companies participate in the project reference group. Project participant.
Guest Assistant Professor (65% 2002-2005), GIS lab, Department of Computer and Information Science, Linköping University. Responsible for graduate course “IT, GIS and mobility”, and more.
Responsible for research and other functions in Informatics (ämnesföreträdare). Department of Business Studies and Informatics, Mälardalen University College
Responsible for the bachelor thesis course. Department of Business Studies and Informatics, Mälardalen University College
Research in Innovation Management, GIS and Component-Based software development. Mälardalen University College
Participated as secretary in the planning of a centre for environmental Research and Development with the four major universities in Stockholm. Funded by the Foundation City of Sciences (Stiftelsen vetenskapsstaden).
Assignment to build up research and education in GIS at Mälardalen University College. Full time and permanent employment as a lecturer and researcher from 970701.  
Stockholm University. Received grant for 3 years from Swedish EPA together with Linköping University for R&D project ”A Systems Analysis of Pollutants Flow in an Area and their Environmental Impact Modelled by a Geographic Information System (GIS)”. Main case for my doctoral dissertation. Project participant.
Active in the student union of Stockholm University as representative on educational issues, both undergraduate and graduate studies. In various periods member of the University board, Faculty board for the social sciences, Committee for Research on the Environment and Natural Resources and more
KTH. Received a grant from the National Board for Research (FRN) to plan the research project "Systemics Modelling with Informatic Support of Resource Flows from Cradle to Grave for Societal Planning"
Stockholm University. Planning support with IT in the Administration for Health and the Environment of the Municipality of Sollentuna. Project on C3I systems Swedish National Agency for Civil Defence (ÖCB). Integrated database system with GIS for environmental management in local and regional government (waste management, traffic noise, groundwater pollution, surface water pollution - e.g. biological indicators and chemical analysis management-, waste landfill modelling, waste systems analysis).