1.2 Professional experience Business
Since 2005 quite substantial involvement in university Research and Education, mainly at the master level. Business activity is on a low level currently. The software and software source code I have developed are used in teaching.
New project for Autoliv (small)
SWEREF99 support and other additions to PinGIS. Project manager and participant.
PinGIS used in trucks at SSAB Oxelösund plant combining GPS, RFID and WLAN. Advanced Webb-GIS developed in C# .Net with Oracle under my supervision. Project manager and participant.
Swedish Rescue Services Agency, contract to enhance PinGIS PC and Pocket PinGIS for oil spill management in Sweden. Project participant.
For Swedish National Testing and Research Institute develop software for analysing transport flows with GIS, Route optimisation software, database management. Project manager and participant.
PinGIS PC and PinGIS Pocket for handheld computers delivered to the Swedish Rescue Services Agency as part of a system for oil spill management in Sweden. Project participant. 
Launched the PinGIS package aimed at software developers in Microsoft Windows, mainly in the transportation planning area. The component is shipped with ready to use digital maps from Navteq, the Swedish Land Survey and others.
Contract work for Scania Infotronics. OCX/ActiveX mapping component, digital maps and more for in-vehicle positioning. Project manager and participant.
Consultancy for various customers on Fleet Management (Windows 2000, Windows CE/Pocket PC and web server technologies), moving map with database connections (e.g. for helicopters and field workers on the ground), GPS positioning, mobile communications, speech/voice control and more. Applications in the energy sector and transportation.
Software development project for Posten AB. Postcode areas linked to sales and logistics database. Used by sales force of several hundred in the field. Project manager and participant.
Project for Gotthards, a company handling several million tons of industrial rest-products and waste. Information system with GIS developed. Gotthards merged with Stena Metall to form Stena-Gotthards in 1999. Project manager and participant.
Set up a company, MapCom (www.mapcom.se) with partners to resell GIS software and GIS data in Sweden as well as computer hardware. No longer partner.
GISMAM (GIS for minimising waste) for household waste developed. Developed for IBM, Sollentuna municipality and Ragn-Sells. This was not widely diffused. However, the technical solutions such as component-based development with GIS has been re-used many times in business, research and education. Project manager and participant.
The GISMAM work has continued with consultancy in 1994-1996 for IBM and others concerning GIS with database technology for waste management on a European scale. SIGMA project started 1996 with funding from EU-Commission that has specified an integration system based on GISMAM with two other systems (air system from Spain and water system from the Netherlands which includes hydrogeological modelling). Overall Project management IBM Holland. Project manager and participant.
Technical journalist for publishing house Ekonomi och Teknik on GIS and programming languages. Articles written continuously since 1993-1998 in Datateknik and Ny Teknik.
Research & Development co-operation with IBM, short-term employment May-July 1990. Geographical Information Systems, teleconferencing and simulation for Group Decision Support in Government Planning and Design. 1991: seminars held all over Sweden to present results on GIS to IBM customers.
Consulting in GIS and other technology with Informatics and Systems Science Projects include: Database system Karolinska Institute of medicine, Systems Theory at the Swedish National Defence Research Agency (FOA), lecturer at the University of Stockholm in Systems Analysis and Management. ÖCB contract for pre-study.
Independent Technical Translator and Interpreter (French, English and Swedish). Customers included: Electrolux, Swedish Immigrations Agency, Stockholm Patent Office, OptionsMaklarna (Stock Option Broker firm).